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Fund Black Women

According to Amex's 2019 State of Women-Owned Business Report, Black women represent 42% of net new women-owned businesses started in the last year, which is three times their share of the female population (14%). Yet in the past decade, Black women–led businesses have captured just .06% of the total venture capital funding pie. Let’s close this funding gap and support Black women entrepreneurs on IFundWomen today.

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Crowdfunding is a debt-free, low risk way for Black women founders to raise capital.

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Dickinson, TX

Polish Perfection

Nail Your Style, Chatnie Creation Nails: Where Every Stroke is a Masterpiece!

1% Funded
104Days Left
Atlanta, GA

Cardio Core Champions

Cardio Core Champions offers mobile cardiac screenings for athletes nationwide, ensuring early detection and optimal performance.

0% Funded
104Days Left
Health + Science
Houston, TX

What Comfortable FEELS Like

Vain Intimates is raising money to help launch the first part of an extended plus size collection that caters to sizes 3X-5X.

7% Funded
13Days Left
Business Services
Modern Media
Lithonia, GA

IThrive Festival 2024

"Empower our community to thrive! Join us in supporting the iThrive Festival and help us create a platform for growth and well-being."

0% Funded
0Days Left
Business Services

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Looking for resources to jumpstart your business? Apply for IFundWomen of Color, the go-to funding resource for diverse, early-stage entrepreneurs. 

IFundWomen of Color was created with our founding partner Caress to help diverse entrepreneurs bring their dreams into reality through raising capital via crowdfunding and providing grants, coaching, and the connections needed to launch and grow successful businesses. 

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