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Business, Tech & Strategy

Having a real business means having a product, a service, a mission, a vision, or a dream that people want to buy into. In this suite of private coaching sessions, you will learn all the basics of business planning, product development, and the tools to make it happen.

Pitch Honing

Book this private session anytime you need help building, refining, or practicing your pitch. Whether you are crowdfunding, competing in a pitch competition, or need a confidence boost, this private session is sure to leave you walking away with your swagger intact. To make the most of your private, you should download The IFundWomen Method Playbook and write the first draft of your pitch using our pitch template before booking your private.

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Monetizing your products & services

When you are just starting out with your new innovation, it’s not always clear how to get started monetizing your business. One of our superpowers is just that: knowing what you can monetize based on what you are building. Let us help you figure this out quickly, and get you on the path to revenue. We recommend having a clear business plan before booking this session. Need help on your business plan? Book the “My Business Plan” session in the “Getting Started” section. 

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My Business Plan

Unsure where to start on creating and formalizing your business plan? You don’t need to write a 10 page document with MBA-level detail in order to start building your business. In this private session, you’ll use the IFundWomen Startup Canvas to help you conceptualize, formalize, and organize your thoughts. We’ll brainstorm together on your business model, your target customers, your marketing strategy, and your value proposition. Download the IFundWomen Startup Canvas here before the session.

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Everyday business coaching

If you need help growing your business, but don’t feel that your challenges fall neatly into any category, then treat yourself to an everyday business coaching session. Come prepared with one, burning question you want to explore with a coach.

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Building & Managing the perfect team

Your team is the heart of your business and making smart hiring decisions from day 1 will allow your vision for your company to come into reality.  In this call we will tackle making your first hire, growing a team and the importance of focusing on people first.

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Goal Setting

Whether you're launching new products and services or launching your crowdfunding campaign, understanding your business goals is key to your success. Setting measurable, attainable, and well-aligned goals is the first step to launching any new product or service. Unsure what your goals are? Book this session to work with an IFundWomen coach who will create a specific recommendation and personalized guide for achieving your goals utilizing our coaching platform.

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We are experts in helping early stage businesses get connected to the funding they need to grow. Whether you're crowdfunding, applying for grants, or raising venture capital, our team can help you find the right capital plan for your business.

My Capital Plan

In this private session, learn from an expert coach about the funding options (crowdfunding, loans, investment and more) available to your business, choose one that is the best fit with your current stage, and make a specific plan of attack.  It's time for you to get FUNDED.

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Crowdfunding 101

In this session, you get one-on-one crowdfunding coaching with an IFundWomen Certified Crowdfunding Coach. Topics include: pitch honing, rewards strategy, marketing strategy, launch strategy. To get the most out of your private sessions, please watch the entire Crowdfunding eCourse before booking your private.

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Crowdfunding rewards strategy

Are you crowdfunding and have no idea where to start with your rewards strategy? This private coaching session is for you! Before booking this session, please watch The IFundWomen Method Crowdfunding Course. You will be that much more prepared to rock your rewards strategy call.

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Marketing your crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding is marketing, so knowing who your audience is, where they are, and how to talk to them is critical to succeeding at marketing. That’s what you will learn in this coaching session.

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Grant Writing 101

Walk through the grant writing process including essential terminology, elements of writing a great grant, and the importance of preparation. Learn how to utilize the IFundWomen Founder’s Playbook to set you up for success.

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The VC Pitch Deck

Book this session if you’re ready to talk to outside investors. Learn what VC’s are looking for in your business at the early/seed stage and learn the strategy for matching their expectations. Using proven successes as a template, we’ll help you create a beautiful winning pitch deck.

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No B.S. Seed Round Coaching

So, you're raising a seed round. Good for you! This session will help you find investors to pitch, figure out exactly how much money you need to raise, and plan what you are going to use the capital for. This session is led by IFundWomen's coaches who have personally raised venture capital successfully.  *Because of the specific requirements a business must meet to raise investor capital, please book My Capital Plan as a prerequisite to this call.*

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Sales & Marketing Strategy

There's no getting around it – you need to know how to do sales and marketing if you are going to have a business, a nonprofit, a side-hustle, or a passion project that you want anyone to pay attention to. At the end of the day, sales is just a numbers game. The more people you reach, the more sales you will make. 

Sales Strategy

Need help getting your first sales or growing your existing sales channels? This session is helpful whether you’re trying to get that first sale or solving through a sales slowdown. Find out how to analyze what you’re selling, who your customers are, and how to best reach them.

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Marketing & Brand Strategy

Ever wonder how new startups and products end up in online and print publications? Our Communications Director will walk you through some easy-to-employ strategies for how to message your business, and to whom.

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How to create community

Looking for a fast, easy way to build an engaged community? Yah, that doesn’t exist. Building a real community takes heart, time, and commitment. If you have the right stuff and want to learn some tactics on how to get started, sign up for this private session with our community building experts.

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Getting savvy with social media

Avoiding getting that Instagram and Facebook started for your new business? We feel you. In this session, we will help you get organized and get your socials set up with some solid strategies you can start implementing right away.

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Brand Design Consultation

Not sure what logos, fonts, colors, or even name to use? Walk through design exercises to help you identify your brand identity with our Visual Designer. This session will be largely focused on the visual aspects of your brand and what it conveys.

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Website Design 101

Get recommendations for creating a starter website, optimizing it for traffic and sales, and get help troubleshooting bugs with one of our Product Managers.

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Founders who invest in The IFundWomen Method premium coaching services like a professional video and a dedicated, private coach raise 27x the crowdfunding industry average.

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