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Visa She's Next Grant Program


Visa She’s Next Black Women-Owned Business Grant Program

Visa is continuing to take action and remove the disproportionate barriers faced by Black women founders by offering $10,000 and a one-year IFW Annual Coaching Membership to 60 Black women-owned businesses across six (6) key cities in the U.S. through their latest grant program in partnership with IFundWomen. Grants & coaching resources were awarded to founders in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Miami, Chicago, Detroit, and Atlanta.


Meet the 2021 recipients

Meet the some of the founders who demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurship stories, problems their products or services are solving, and potential for growth through the Visa She’s Next Black Women-Owned Business Grant Program.  Now you can show your support for their small businesses and contribute even more funding to their campaigns!

Evana & Zoe Oli
Founder of Beautiful Curly Me

Beautiful Curly Me is a lifestyle brand that inspires self-love and confidence in young black girls through dolls that reflect their natural beauty, hair care products and empowering books. Founded by a 7 year old girl and her Mother, our brand has a social impact mission and for every doll purchased, one is given to a young underserved girl. 


Nay Secka
Founder of TEGAA

TEGAA is a 100% black woman owned ethical and sustainable resortwear line of clothing & accessories hand made by artisans that is bridging the gap between ethical fashion consumers who are seeking affordable options that are also fashion forward. 


Latricia Wilder
Founder of Vibe Ride Detroit

Vibe Ride Detroit was created to offer an elevated fitness studio experience, to an underserved community, at an affordable price. Vibe Ride Detroit specializes in rhythmic indoor cycling classes, as well as total body bootcamps, Pilates, Pound, and Cardio workouts to offer our Tribe a one stop shop for group fitness classes. 

Visa is making an impact on women-owned small businesses

In partnership with IFundWomen, Visa has committed millions of dollars in funding & resources to women-owned small businesses through grant programs and exclusive networking opportunities.  Learn more about the selected recipients behind the innovative businesses that are making a meaningful impact within their local and global communities. 

Alpharetta, GA

Next-Level Vision

Taking Honeydipped to a new level, creating a company protected by trademark and copyright to produce organic home & skincare products.

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Health + Science

The Visa • IFW entrepreneur toolkit

We are making the critical resources that entrepreneurs need to launch and grow their businesses more accessible. If you want to take your small business to the next level, start here.

Download these tools

Founder's playbook

From fundraising planning to mapping out your network, this playbook will guide you through all the critical building blocks that you need to work through as an early-stage entrepreneur.


join the network

Join IFundWomen's Community Slack network where entrepreneurs from around the world are collaborating, commiserating, and celebrating on all things startup life.


Watch these educational videos

Create your business pitch

In this video, you will learn how to craft the perfect elevator pitch to explain your product or service.


Identify your audience with google analytics

In this video, you will learn how to find out who your key customers are and how to identify new ones.


using your smartphone to capture pro video

In this video, you will learn how to use your smartphone to capture beautiful, compelling video content to promote your business.


More tips & resources for capturing pro video

establish the purpose of your content

Before even pressing record make sure you are clear on what the goal of this content is, where you will be sharing it, and exactly what you want viewers to think, say and do after watching.

Position your phone correctly

If you are filming video content for most channels/platforms, you will want to position your phone horizontally. If you are filming for Instagram Stories, for example, you will want to position your phone vertically to fit the IG story frame.

be brief & stick to the script


Have a good understanding of what you want to say before the camera is rolling.  Engaging content is concise and to the point. If you are recording a marketing video for your business and delivering your pitch, you will want to make sure it is no longer than 3 minutes. People just don't have time to watch anything longer. If it takes you longer than 3 minutes to succinctly explain your idea, you need to stop and work on that pitch before even thinking about making a video. Download the Founder’s Playbook in the Visa • IFW Toolkit and fill out the pitch honing template as the first step in your pre-production process!

download the DIY video production shopping list

We know that small business owners are working with little-to-no budget when it comes to video production, so we have put together a list of suggested, reasonably priced equipment that will increase the quality of your smartphone-based production studio!


Ready to take your small business to the next level?


Apply for grants


Check out the Visa She's Next Grant Program Official Rules for more details.