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New york , NY

Her Workplace

The most powerful career network for the next generation of women and non-binary leaders.

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Social Good
Pittsburgh, PA

It matters that you're here!

I'm a filmmaker who uses vintage home movies to create short, inspirational films to remind us that no one is alone, and our lives matter.

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Social Good
Phoenix , AZ

Sunday Mournings

Join us to change the cultural messaging surrounding grief by cultivating authentic connections & conversations through heartfelt gifting.

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Health + Science
Social Good
Chico, CA

Help us open Chico Chaihouse!

Creating a welcoming, inclusive space to reflect, connect and build community (over a pot of delicious tea!)

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Health + Science
Social Good
Grand rapids, MI

Zeal's Fundraiser

IT IS COMING!!!!! At this time, we are under contract for a building and cannot wait to start the construction process.

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Business Services
Chicago, IL

Creative Cravings Podcast

We’re Jewish twins in Chicago growing a global podcast + community that celebrates creativity, food, friendship, fulfillment & tikkun olam.

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Art + Music
Modern Media
Social Good
Silver spring, MD

Her House Media Films & Books

Her House Media™ produces and distributes accessible documentary and horror films & books with a social-impact, by and about women of col

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Art + Music
Nashville, TN

Igniting Success From Birth

We provide an unrivaled cradle to 5 yrs old experience for all in an intentionally diverse community complemented by targeted parent support

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Social Good
Kansas city, MO

Nelle Yes!

From power lunch to power yoga, an urban social club focused on providing an elevated lifestyle experience for women in KC.

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Bronx, NY

Foeworkers: Season 1

Foeworkers is a workplace webseries about two coworkers who spend their day working each others' nerves instead of doing actual work.

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Modern Media
New york, NY


What to expect when you're not expecting - an inclusive platform for women's sexual and reproductive health

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Social Good