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Viroqua, WI

The Dog Spot

Creating a space to improve the lives of dogs and owners through training, education, health and wellness.

2% Funded
65Days Left
San anselmo, CA

Keira Kotler (Everviolet)

Adaptive and beautiful intimate apparel for women facing cancer, surgery and other physical challenges. Created by a breast cancer thriver.

20% Funded
28Days Left
Social Good
Jackson, WY

Help Us Bring ILLA to iOS!📲

ILLA is where women+ meet new friends for outdoor adventures like skiing, biking, hiking, paddling, motorsports, and more!

20% Funded
17Days Left
San antonio, TX

Whisk Southern Roots Bakery to New Heights

Mixing Passion, Purpose, and Pastries! With your support, we can continue crafting treats for all from our dedicated production space.

25% Funded
35Days Left
Business Services
Health + Science
Social Good
Melrose, MA

SimpliHere: Caregiving For All

Raising funds to reduce the caregiving burden for the entire care circle - patients, family members, and professional caregivers.

5% Funded
35Days Left
Health + Science
Brooklyn, NY

Bodega Princess

Follow bodega princess in her journey to find sustainable and healthy food options for her school and her dad's local bodega.

34% Funded
12Days Left
Social Good
Greenville, NC

Nourish Infants, Empower Families!

Help us nourish infants and empower families with our plant-based formula revolution. Join our crowdfunding campaign!

8% Funded
18Days Left
Health + Science
Social Good
Los angeles, CA

Postal Petals

A Black-owned startup made up of a team of multicultural women who are disrupting the flower industry.

53% Funded
35Days Left
Art + Music
Worcester, MA

Heal From Your Core

The Lighthouse Bulb, LLC is a mental and emotional well-being practice created to teach deep seeded, sustainable healing techniques.

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96Days Left
Health + Science
Social Good
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu


This is an NFT project based on charity purposes, with a collection ready! Marketing is yet to be done.

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Cambridge, MA


Help GRLSQUASH make the switch to Hemlock Printers (Kinfolk, Gather Journal) for our forthcoming third issue, TAKING ROOT (Summer 2019).

72% Funded
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Modern Media