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IFundWomen of Color


IFundWomen of Color is a platform dedicated to advancing diverse entrepreneurs through access to capital, coaching, and lucrative connections specifically needed for founders of color to launch and grow profitable, successful businesses.

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Capital • Coaching • Connections


Access + Action

Membership to IFundWomen of Color provides you with the following benefits:

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Your network is your net worth! You will be the first to be invited to events in key markets where IFundWomen has boots on the ground. 

IFundWomen of Color’s ‘One to Many’ Program

Dedicated webinars exclusive to the IFundWomen of Color Universe; focused on the topics that help Women of Color thrive personally and professionally.

Access to a private slack community

Accepted members will have access to a private Slack community - a safe space to discuss business challenges and collaborate with peers and coaches toward solutions.


Gain exposure and grow your audience through IFWOC as we share the story of you and your business.

Caress Dreams Fund

As the founding partner of IFundWomen of Color, Caress invested $2,285,000 to fund, support, and elevate Women of Color founders since 2020. This year, Caress is continuing their commitment to diverse entrepreneurs by awarding $5,000 grants plus a seat in the award-winning IFundWomen Method Crowdfunding Accelerator to 12 deserving applicants. 

Applications are now closed. 

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These trailblazing women are changing the game for founders of color.

Ji Bowlus, Founder of HELLO HAPI

HELLO HAPI, as a vibrant media, content, and community platform, is set to revolutionize the representation of the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community. The mission is to transform the narrative and foster a sense of belonging within the API community through the power of storytelling, impactful journalism, and immersive digital and in-person experiences.


Dawn Christian, Founder of Belong by Dawn Christian®

Belong by Dawn Christian® challenges the status quo as the leadership advisory firm that operates on a foundational principle: belonging is a leadership competency. Our tailored services include cohort-based coaching, independent consulting, skill-building workshops, and executive coaching to guide individuals, teams, and organizations toward a more profound understanding of self and our workspaces. Our proprietary Ethos-Driven Leadership™ framework lies at the heart of our methodology, bridging personal values and professional aspirations. Through Ethos-Driven Leadership™, we reimagine leadership principles that are not performative but intentionally authentic by honoring intersectional identity to promote wellness, vulnerability, and psychological safety. 

Central to our work is the BeLeadership™ cohort experience, a 5-week transformative journey with carefully crafted virtual sessions that honor leaders’ lived experiences and prioritize humanity. By cultivating leadership skills through the pillars of belonging, mental health and wellness, equity, diversity, and inclusion, we shift the narrative about leadership, one authentic connection at a time.

Belong by Dawn Christian®

Mary Kethya Khuon, Founder of Sincerely Miss Mary

Mary Kethya Khuon is an international speaker and certified somatic coach who empowers people to cultivate emotional resiliency to become the leaders of their dreams. She founded her digital wellness brand, Sincerely Miss Mary, in 2020 after 9 years of working as a luxury handbag designer in NYC, reaching over 1 million people across all social media platforms. She is the creator of the Write & Release framework, where she helps people regulate their emotions and nervous system through writing, an accessible tool to provide mental health equity for marginalized groups. Mary facilitates her workshops for public schools, universities, mental health institutions, and prison reform organizations with a mission to spread her wellness writing practices to 10 million people by 2025.

Sincerely Miss Mary

Tamira Wells, Founder of New Heritage

New Heritage is a 90's inspired streetwear clothing brand that pays homage to the late Belinda Jones and Rodney Jones. Originally founded in the early 90s, the brand captures the spirit and energy of the urban scene during that era. New Heritage relaunched in 2016 under the leadership of Tamira Wells, the niece of Belinda and Rodney, with a mission to preserve their cultural legacy and celebrate the African-American community's impact on fashion and music.

The brand's product line features a range of 90's inspired apparel and accessories. From oversized graphic tees to baggy jeans and bold accessories, New Heritage offers unique and stylish options that reflect the iconic fashion trends of the 90s. The brand's designs aim to evoke nostalgia while incorporating modern elements, creating a contemporary streetwear aesthetic that appeals to fashion enthusiasts of all ages.

New Heritage's cultural significance extends beyond its clothing offerings. The brand has been worn on popular 90's shows and movies such as Fresh Prince of Belair, A Different World, and Boomerang, gaining recognition and becoming a symbol of the era. Additionally, it has been embraced by celebrities and influencers, further solidifying its influence and reach in the fashion industry.

New Heritage

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IFundWomen of Color is for entrepreneurs who are serious about launching, growing, or pivoting their business, and want the expert guidance and the collaborative community that only IFundWomen of Color can bring. If this speaks to you, then what are you waiting for? 

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