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IFundWomen of Color


IFundWomen of Color is a platform dedicated to advancing diverse entrepreneurs through access to capital, coaching, and lucrative connections specifically needed for founders of color to launch and grow profitable, successful businesses.

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Capital • Coaching • Connections


Access + Action

Membership to IFundWomen of Color provides you with the following benefits:

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Your network is your net worth! You will be the first to be invited to events in key markets where IFundWomen has boots on the ground. 

IFundWomen of Color’s ‘One to Many’ Program

Dedicated webinars exclusive to the IFundWomen of Color Universe; focused on the topics that help Women of Color thrive personally and professionally.

Access to a private slack community

Accepted members will have access to a private Slack community - a safe space to discuss business challenges and collaborate with peers and coaches toward solutions.


Gain exposure and grow your audience through IFWOC as we share the story of you and your business.

Caress Dreams Fund

As the founding partner of IFundWomen of Color, Caress invested $2,285,000 to fund, support, and elevate Women of Color founders since 2020. This year, Caress is continuing their commitment to diverse entrepreneurs by awarding $5,000 grants plus a seat in the award-winning IFundWomen Method Crowdfunding Accelerator to 12 deserving applicants. 

Applications are now closed. 

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These trailblazing women are changing the game for founders of color.

Suan Kim, Founder of My Fashion Crate

 My fashion crate is a subscription service curating an outfit based on your style preferences and the items you receive are by local designers and small businesses so you can be in style and do good by supporting them. Living in the fashion capital NYC and working in multiple top fashion companies for over 10 years, I found myself easily discovering trendy styles and of course, new brands and small businesses in fashion! I noticed how much people around me enjoy hearing about these amazing brands and their stories and so My Fashion Crate was born.

My Fashion Crate

Melonie Butler, Founder and Executive Director of I Choose To Win

I Choose To Win is a 501 (c)(3) narrative-shifting, power-building and transformational nonprofit organization that seeks to develop BIPOC women and girls as leaders, carving a pathway toward entrepreneurship for economic independence. Through in-person and virtual cohorts, workshops and programs, we help our members bring main character energy to their choices and action-steps in their winning life story! We envision a world where BIPOC women and girls boldly, bravely and brilliantly walk in their purpose, pursue their passion, owning their power to realize their God-given potential.

I Choose To Win 

Madilynn A. Beck, Founder of The Better Spot

The Better Spot is a platform that helps certified wellness professionals connect with one another, build their client base securely and easily access studios to practice in-person. Our mission is to foster a culture of wellness as it should be; sustainable. Through conscious technology and on-demand, curated spaces in nationwide impact markets, we empower practitioners to build community safely, access verified resources and increase Client flow, now.

The Better Spot

Raquel R. Sanchez, Founder of zen vida Institute

I’m Raquel and I’m the Founder of zen vida Institute. Today, women of color generally have one health problem they want to overcome but have no idea how to do it by themselves. My solution at zen vida is to be a helping hand for these women to go vegan, soy, dairy or gluten free and get healthier because I’ve helped many women with these issues because I healed myself from PCOS and Hashimoto’s and feel better than I did at 30! Everything you put ON your body and, IN your body, affects you! zen vida will provide mind body and spirit for the modern Entrepreneurial woman with recipes, links to products that I use personally and NLP, TLT and hypnotherapy and hypno-music as well.

zen vida Institute

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IFundWomen of Color is for entrepreneurs who are serious about launching, growing, or pivoting their business, and want the expert guidance and the collaborative community that only IFundWomen of Color can bring. If this speaks to you, then what are you waiting for? 

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