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The IFundWomen X Neutrogena® Fund

Neutrogena® has teamed up with IFundWomen to give women-owned businesses in the health and wellness space a fresh start in 2021. Through this program, 18 qualified women entrepreneurs across the U.S. will each receive a monetary grant to support their fresh start after a challenging year in business.


Neutrogena® is committed to women in wellness

Meet the grant recipients of the IFundWomen x Neutrogena Fund who each just received a $10K grant for their business! Now YOU can support these women-owned businesses through their IFundWomen campaign today and support their fresh start!

Danville, CA


Delicious low-sugar, superfood granola created to help you eat, feel and be your best. Are you #HungryForGr8ness?

100% Funded
0Days Left
Atlanta, ga, GA

My Happy FLO

Plant-Based PMS Relief. Pain-free, Drama-free periods are your birthright.

21% Funded
0Days Left
Health + Science


A healthy business is 
as important as healthy skincare.


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Check out the Official Rules for the IFundWomen • Neutrogena® Fund.