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Fueling women-led small businesses through COVID-19

Our extremely generous friends at GingerBread Capital have awarded $10K grants to 25 companies that are operating in the hardest-hit states to help fuel their businesses through this global pandemic. ⁠

These businesses were quick to pivot during COVID, or were able to pivot effectively using the financial resources provided by these grants. All of these founders show GingerBread Capital’s core values of grit and resilience—traits necessary in a successful entrepreneur.

Meet the recipients

Through this grant program, GingerBread Capital Founder & CEO, Linnea Roberts, and her team, decided to take their funding efforts to the next level and support women-led small businesses in states hardest-hit by COVID, but that might not otherwise come across the desk of a traditional VC firm. Meet the qualified founders from across the country who have each been selected to receive a $10K grant to sustain their businesses through the the pandemic thanks to GingerBread Capital!

Sherman oaks, CA

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