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What the HR?! Exploring the Pillars of HR for Your Growing Business with Katie Spadoro

Katie Spadoro

Founder of CYB Human Resources

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Leadership & team building

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Idea stage
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Why you should take this workshop

Join the CYB Human Resources team for an Exclusive Online Webinar to help you and your growing business unlock HR excellence!

We will be diving into the most important aspects of HR and our Certified HR Experts will provide you with actionable insights and strategies. Join us as we walk through four dynamic areas of discussion to elevate your HR practices.

1. Building a Solid HR Foundation: Establishing a Strong HR Infrastructure for Scalability

- Learn CYB's proven methods to consolidate processes, boost efficiency, and foster a positive workplace culture.

2. Navigating the Tricky Small Business Human Resources Compliance Landscape

- Explore the best HR practices utilized by our team with our incredible clients. Reviewing strategies to: maintain proper HR compliance, mitigate overall HR risks, and safeguard the company you have worked so hard to build.

3. Strategic Talent Acquisition: Recruiting, Hiring, & Onboarding

- Learn how to implement effective onboarding strategies, innovative approaches for the hiring process, including an updated and legal Hiring Standard Operating Procedure for smooth team integration.

4. Cultivating Success: Retaining Your Dream Team for Scalability

- Explore proven retention strategies that cultivate a workplace where your employees thrive, love coming to work, and WANT to work for you.