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Ready to Grow? Mastering Staff Forecasting for Business Growth with Krystal Speed

Krystal Speed

CEO & Fractional Chief People Officer of Your HR Strategist

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Leadership & team building

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Idea stage
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Why you should take this workshop

Have big plans for growing your business this year? Don’t forget to plan for the staff you’ll need to help make it happen. In this workshop, learn how to forecast and plan for the team you’ll need to reach your goals. Seasoned HR professional, Krystal Speed, will walk you step-by-step through how to decide what roles to add to your team, how to afford them, and when to pull the trigger on hiring. Whether you need to hire soon or it will be later in the year when your business can sustain a new contractor or employee, gain tips and strategies that will help you get a plan in place for having the staff you’ll need to grow your business in 2024.