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Aligning and Mobilizing Company Culture for Sustainable Success with Angela Howard

Angela Howard

Founder at Call for Culture

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About this Webinar


Leadership & team building

Why you should take this workshop

Company culture is 10.4 times more likely to contribute to attrition than compensation (Source: MIT Sloan Management Review, 2022), but many leaders lack the knowledge of how culture is shaped, impacted, and should change overtime to meet business and people needs. 

As an ex-CHRO/Chief People Officer who has worked across industries to help companies transform their culture and more consciously live into their value-system, I understand the importance and criticality around getting this important pillar of business right during the early stages of building a business. The earlier the better!

This workshop is designed to help you lay the foundation of an often overlooked measure of successful of healthy and sustainable businesses - healthy and sustainable company cultures that take care of people, your customers, and your bottom line.