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Unlocking equity-free funding: Ask-Us-Anything with Clearco

Liz Volk


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Why you should take this workshop

As one of the world’s largest e-commerce investors, Clearco receives a lot of questions about funding. Now, with the current economic uncertainty, and traditional financing options becoming more and more difficult to obtain, the questions are understandably becoming more common. So, Clearco is hosting a unique AUA (Ask Us Anything) workshop! Clearco's Venture Partnerships Manager, Liz Volk, will answer commonly asked questions about revenue-based loans, like How do I qualify? How is it repaid? How soon can I access my capital? so you can make the best funding decisions for your biz and continue to grow and scale

What you will learn

  • What is Clearco?
  • Types of businesses Clearco funds
  • Is your business eligible for funding?
  • How funding is repaid
  • What is non-equity funding and how it works with Clearco

About the coach

Elizabeth Volk is on the Venture Partnerships team at Clearco, building out partnerships that support founders through resources and capital. Previously, Elizabeth was a Senior Investment Associate at Juvo Ventures, where she invested in global companies raising their Series A and Series B rounds. She is also an e-commerce founder and scaled her first e-commerce business to 7 figures in revenue within a year.

Elizabeth spent the first 5 years of her career in investment banking and corporate development after graduating from Columbia University. Today, she is passionate about using her experiences as a founder and investor to help other founders grow their businesses effectively and participate in the e-commerce ecosystem.