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Graphic design 101 with Canva

Gabriella Campos

Graphic Designer @ IFundWomen

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About this Webinar



Why you should take this workshop

You've got a great business or business idea, now it's time to let it speak for itself—through design! Graphic design is more than making things look pretty, it’s about connecting with your audience and voicing your ideas clearly and consistently. In this workshop, led by IFundWomen's Graphic Designer, Gabriella Campos, you'll learn the basic principles of graphic design and how to create eye-catching graphics for your brand intentionally and with a purpose, using Canva.

What you will learn

  • What is graphic design?
  • How to communicate through design intentionally and with a purpose
  • Design rules and how, and when, to break them
  • Programs and sites useful for building a stellar brand quickly and efficiently

About the coach

Gabriella Campos is a Graphic Designer with a passion for communicating solutions through design–specializing in brand strategy, publication design, and motion graphics. She is currently the Graphic Designer for IFundWomen and through her time working at Daymond John's The Shark Group, and collaborating with organizations like Covering Climate Now, she believes through a clear, consistent voice brands are able to truly connect with their audience.