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Creating strategic partnerships with brands

Casey DePalma & Viviana Alvarez

Head of PR, Influencer Marketing & Digital Engagement & Head of Sustainability at Unilever

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Public relations & Communications

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Why you should take this workshop

Whether your business is on the Fortune 500 or just starting out, strategic partnerships can make a huge difference in driving growth for your business. Strategic partnerships allow businesses the opportunity to reach new customers, deepen relationships with their current audience, increase brand presence, and expand the product set. In this workshop, Casey DePalma, Head of PR at Unilever, and Viviana Alvarez, Head of Sustainability at Unilever, are here to teach you the secret to closing major partnerships with industry leading brands and influencers. In this 1 hour webinar, you will learn the strategy behind identifying, pitching, and closing deals with companies that can take your business to the next level.