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I received the iFundWomen Pay-It-Forward $500 grant this month! 

Hey Alma Family!

’m so excited to announce that I received the IFundWomen Pay-It-Forward $500 grant this month! In case you didn't know, iFundWomen is the only crowdfunding platform that reinvests 20% of revenue from their standard fees back into live campaigns on the site. Isn't that awesome!?

I’m closer to hitting my goal and It's that's all thanks to you!

As if things couldn't be more exciting, Alma Ocean has been selected as one of the finalists to attend the Superbowl this year with Black Girl Ventures! On February 7th I will attend the Superbowl and represent Alma Ocean. Stay tuned for more details!

When they say "your vibe attracts your tribe" they weren't lying. You all are truly amazing and I can't thank you enough for believing in Alma Ocean. My mission is to honor unity, creativity, and diversity within the water community and I think  It's safe to say we are well on our way to making that happen!

Thank you all,