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Okana Care; Postpartum Retreat Center

Nurturing Mothers, Nourishing Futures

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Project Description

Mission: At Okana Care, our mission is crystal clear: to revolutionize postnatal recovery. We're here to arm new mothers with the crucial care and knowledge they need, focusing on holistic health for both mother and child within a nurturing community.

The Problem: Navigating postpartum life can be overwhelming. Many new mothers face this critical period without adequate support, struggling with physical recovery and the mental shift into motherhood. Current solutions often overlook the holistic needs of the mother-child duo, leaving a significant gap in care.

Market Size/Opportunity: With over 3.7 million births in the U.S. annually, the need for comprehensive postnatal care is immense. Okana Care steps into a market ripe for change, aiming to support a significant portion of these new families each year.

Our Solution: Okana Care is not just a service; it's a sanctuary. Our all-inclusive, luxurious retreat combines expert support with holistic wellness practices, focusing on nutrition, healing recovery, and educating new moms. We bridge the gap in postpartum care, ensuring mothers and their newborns transition smoothly into their new life phase.

Why We Seek Funding: To bring our vision to life, we're turning to you. Funding will lay Okana Care's foundation, from securing legal expertise to ramping up our marketing efforts, and building a robust advisory team. Every dollar gets us closer to opening our doors and transforming postpartum care.

Our Team: Led by passionate professionals in naturopathy, doula services, and maternal health, our team combines personal experience with professional expertise. We're mothers, daughters, and advocates, committed to supporting new families through their most transformative journey.

Thank You: To our backers, your support means the world. Not just to us, but to every mother and child we'll touch through Okana Care. Together, we're not just funding a project; we're nurturing futures and building a community. Thank you for believing in us, in mothers, and in the beautiful beginnings at Okana Care.

The Campaign FAQs

What is the specific financial goal of Okana Care's crowdfunding campaign and how will the funds be utilized?

Our crowdfunding campaign aims to raise $55,000. These funds are earmarked for several critical foundational aspects of our initiative: developing a comprehensive Marketing and Branding Strategy to effectively communicate our mission, establishing a solid Business Legal Structure to support our operations, and securing Legal Representation to ensure our activities are both impactful and compliant. Additionally, these funds will be utilized to begin seeing patients on a small scale, operating out of a hospitality facility to test the interest and demand in our services. This strategic investment in our foundation and initial operations enables us to build Okana Care on a robust and scalable platform, poised to make a lasting difference in maternal care.

Where is Okana Care's initial location, and what are the plans for expansion?

Okana Care is proudly launching its first facility in Atlanta, GA, where we will begin our journey of providing holistic maternal care. In line with our mission to support as many mothers as possible, we are actively seeking business partners and opportunities to expand our services to other cities. Our goal is to create a network of Okana Care centers that offer our unique blend of support and care to families across the nation, ensuring every mother has access to the compassionate, comprehensive postnatal care she deserves.

How does Okana Care differentiate itself from other maternal care services?

Okana Care stands out through our holistic approach, combining naturopathic medicine and doula support with personalized care plans for each mother, ensuring a nurturing, supportive environment throughout their maternal journey.

Are contributions to the Okana Care crowdfunding campaign tax-deductible?

While we greatly appreciate every contribution, please consult with a tax advisor to understand the deductibility of your donation, as tax laws vary by country and individual circumstances.

Can I volunteer or offer services instead of making a financial contribution?

Absolutely! We value all forms of support. Please contact our investment relations team at [email protected] to learn more about volunteer opportunities and how you can lend your skills to Okana Care.

What rewards or incentives are offered for contributing to the campaign?

Contributors can choose from a range of rewards, including exclusive updates, personalized thank-you messages, early access to new programs, and invitations to special events with Okana Care.

I'm interested in becoming an angel investor for Okana Care. Who can I speak with for more information?

We're thrilled to hear of your interest in making a significant impact. Please contact our investment relations team at [email protected] to discuss angel investing opportunities and how you can contribute to shaping the future of maternal care.

What happens if the crowdfunding goal is not met?

Every contribution matters, regardless of whether we meet our goal. All funds will still be directed toward supporting our maternal care services, and we'll adjust our plans based on the resources available.

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