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Autism Moms Night Out

Every year since 2019, Advocate for Me, LLC sponsors a Autism Moms Night Out in celebration of National Autism Awareness Day.

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Project Description

Advocate for Me, LLC specialize in offering resources, advocacy, and training to special needs families. 

The problem that we are solving is to offer special needs moms ability to balance everyday life and their careers as well as advocate for their special needs child through self care, financial planning, and leisure. 

Our target market is moms providing care for their special needs child (a child diagnosed with a delay, disability, or special health care needs) age 32-45 and lives in the tri-state area  (not limited to the tri-state area for our virtual sessions). 

Advocate for Me, LLC will offer after school program and drop off care for families (respite care), we offer coaching programs for special needs moms to balance a holistic lifestyle, as well as trainings and books. 

We are seeking funding to assist with our Autism Moms Night Out massage packages for 5 wonderful moms who need a break and self care day. 

I have a team of mothers who assist me with the day to day marketing as well as a team for our upcoming coaching program. 

We greatly appreciate your support and please follow us on social media for upcoming events. 


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. All proceeds will go to the massage packages for the moms on the scheduled date April 16, 2021 unless other restrictions or services apply?

2. What if one of the mothers are unable to attend the event on the day of- the mother will receive a gift certificate to have a massage package at a later date with the travel massage therapist?

3. What about Covid restrictions and social distancing?  The mothers, therapist and any additional staff will have temperature check and complete a checklist during registration and day of with Covid restriction questions.  All CDC guidelines will be followed to the best of our ability. 

4. Will there be other events like this in the future?  Yes, we will work on providing additional events for moms and dads. Stay tuned to our social media pages for future


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