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Alpha'a is a platform that connects, artists directly to audiences solving a major access problem in the visual art space.

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Project Description

Our Commitments :

Alpha’a’s mission is to democratize the visual arts through a community-oriented platform that deploys today’s most powerful technology toward connecting artists to audiences around the world, while still honoring the profoundly human aspects of creating and acquiring works of art.

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The Alpha`a difference:

Our web and mobile platform uses data science and artificial intelligence to proactively discover and promote up-and-coming artists while intimately involving and engaging with the end-buyer.

Curation: Alpha`a empowers the user to vote on the artwork that he or she finds most compelling, to curate their digital collection and track the works becoming available for purchase, and to distinguish themselves among the Alpha’a community as consistent identifiers of the next big talent.

Quality: Alpha’a produces museum-quality prints at accessible prices. Through our strategic partners we work with the highest-quality materials in terms of the paper and frames, and are committed to giving both the artist and the collector access to unbelievable products. Limited Editions: Every art work produced by the platform is produced in limited editions and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Our pricing is now based on scarcity creating virtual art portfolios and trade opportunities for Alpha’a collectors.


The Team

Manuela: Co-Founder and CEO, My background in finance and my informal involvement on the modern art market through my family´s gallery gave me a unique vision of the many problems faced by the visual art market, such as opacity in information and a close to cartel formation of players.

Renata: Co-Founder and COO, communications and art history background, yet, she I came into this world as an outsider, and experienced the traditional art business at powerhouse institutions such as: Christies & David Zwirner gallery.

Data science: Alpha’a is the world’s first data- and tech-driven marketplace for the creative economy. The only substitutes are the antiquated gallery system and attempts to simply digitalize the legacy business models rather than bring a truly disruptive solution. We understand that art and the creative economy can be approached with sophisticated data science like any other product and sector, and the analysis of this data can consequently be applied towards multiple business ends. Our unique backgrounds qualify us in order to disrupt not only this sector but to apply its data analytics throughout other luxury consumer sectors. Housing a core team with strong technical capabilities as well as detailed know how of art business mechanics, allows us to draw on statistical tools and idiosyncratic information to compose indexes never before explored.

Why we’re raising funds on Ifund Women:

  1. Continue empowering female and male artists
  2. Grow our team
  3. Improve our technology
  4. Expand our network

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