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Leveraging Financing Wins to Boost Your Brand’s Profile with Caitlin Kelly

Caitlin Kelly

Founder of EZ Newswire

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About this Webinar


Public relations & Communications

Why you should take this workshop

In today’s challenging fundraising environment, raising money is a huge accomplishment. Whether a friends-and-family round, grant, or institutional raise, it presents a unique PR opportunity to help raise visibility for your business and propel it forward.

On December 5 at 12 pm, IFundWomen will feature Caitlin Kelly, founder of EZ Newswire, to speak with our community about the fundamentals of public relations and how to level up and amplify your company’s messaging with the media. Kelly will borrow from her 15 years’ experience working with enterprises like Masters of Scale, AlphaSense, and Priceline to share her tips for crafting a PR strategy that doesn’t break the bank and tactics to use with journalists to improve your chances of being featured in the news.

In this session, we will:

  • Explore how small businesses can leverage their financing wins and milestones to generate PR interest in their brand.
  • Discuss strategies, case studies, and best practices for effectively communicating and promoting your business after a financing success.
  • Explore the power of strategic PR and how it can help your brand stand out in today’s competitive market.