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Understanding New Federal Laws: Major Consequences For Small Businesses

Merlyne Jean-Louis

Merlyne Jean-Louis is the managing attorney of Jean-Louis Law, a bicoastal virtual law firm that focuses on business and entertainment law. She helps small businesses and creatives protect their ABCs (assets, brand, and content) via contracts, trademarks, copyright, and business structure.

She is also a legal commentator who has been featured in Bloomberg, CBS, The Verge, and Fast Company.

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Why you should take this workshop

Join Merlyne Jean-Louis as she simplifies and takes us through the in's and out's of two newly enacted federal laws that will affect YOUR business this year.

If you own or want to start a small business in the United States, and you don’t want to go jail or pay a hefty fine, then this session will tell you what you need to know about the Corporate Transparency Act (or the CTA) and the FTC's recent ban on employee non-competes.

This workshop will cover the key points of the CTA and the ban - along with resources you can use to become compliant.