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Suffering for the Work? Building Personal and Organizational Resilience

Andy Yu Riemer

As a Principal Consultant at SidePorch, Andy builds on the experiences and insights captured from supporting a wide variety of organizations and complex systems to create positive impact for people, communities, organizations, and companies.

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Why you should take this workshop

This presentation will focus on ways to build personal and organizational resilience with the goal to avoid burnout. To begin, we will collectively name the injustices that exist and discuss ways to process our intersectional identities and lived experiences. Then, we will discuss potential visions of justice as well as agile liberatory processes that aim to achieve these visions. Ultimately, our goal is to work towards ensuring individual, interpersonal, and organizational success, joy, and innovation.

Throughout this presentation, Andy will draw from a variety of resources (academic research, community organizers, science fiction, lived experience / me-search, etc.) to share thoughts on ways to avoid the myth of martyrdom through vulnerability and compassion.

Andy has honed their skills in fostering inclusive environments and facilitating impactful dialogue across a range of sectors. Their extensive network spans entrepreneurship, education, climate, health, mental health, and human performance, which helps them continue to make meaningful connections to a broad range of curiously brilliant people around the world.

Previous to this role, Andy worked for various non-profits, foundations, and corporations on wellness and mental health initiatives, inclusive technology development, go-to-market strategies for consumer products, the translation between research, services, and impact, and other purpose-driven projects to drive change. Andy was also a part of Harvard's Equity and Inclusion Fellowship.

As a professional speaker, they focus on engagements where they can reflect their ability to distill complex concepts into actionable insights, covering topics such as climate, education, health, and gender. Through their dedication to building strong relationships and navigating complex systems with an equity lens, Andy aims to drive change and foster inclusivity in every facet of their work. Andy also provides advisory and board service to several organizations, and has a coaching practice called Emergent Impact.