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Demystifying NFTs and Web3






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May 5, 2021 • 2PM ET

Why you should take this workshop

NFTs are today’s most talked about term—whether at the Super Bowl or at family dinner, literally everyone is talking about NFTs. In this crash course led by Of the Night founders Courtney Nichols and Blakeshine, they will demystify the buzzy world of NFTs, teach you how you can make NFTs work for your brand, and detail their 1500 NFT launch that debuted in February. Bring your inquiries and let’s dive into the deep end of web3!


*Must have an IFundWomen Coaching Plan in order to access the library.

What you will learn

  • Why we evolved from tangible products to the NFT landscape
  • The why’s, the how’s, and the why not’s of Launching your 1st NFT collection
  • How you can use your respective backgrounds to stake a claim in NFTS
  • How to cultivate a community in web3
  • How to create an immersive world for you and your demographic



Courtney Nichols

Courtney’s namesake - Disco Dining Club - is a theatrical and thematic food experience that marries her love affair of counterculture with her love affair of raucous dinner parties. Courtney's productions seek to disrupt puritanical sensibilities while nurturing a community of dining misfits who found freedom on the dance floor. Courtney has been featured in L.A. Times, Playboy, Subvrt Mag, Food & Wine, Oxygen Network, Forbes, and Hollywood Reporter, and has partnered with clients including Airbnb, NeueHouse, The Standard Hotels, and Redbull. In light of 2020, Courtney co-founded Of The Night, which delivered thematic party packages to doorsteps nationwide, and has since evolved into Queens Of The Night NFT collection. If you are ever on the hunt for Courtney in a crowded room, look for the woman with bedhead and red lips.



Blake Harrison

Blakeshine’s North Star is exploring and celebrating the absurdity of life - on the stages she’s performed, the activations she’s curated, and the eclectic large scale events she has produced. She has clowned in Italy, thrown renegade comedy festivals in the desert, and delivered thematic party packages nationwide. As the Creative Producer of Dirtybird and the Co-Founder of Of The Night, Blakeshine has designed immersive spaces for music festivals across the U.S., including Electric Forest, Desert Hearts, and Lightning in a Bottle. In the words of LA Weekly, Blakeshine “stands out like a rainbow-colored cactus in a bowl full of apples and oranges”. Now fully emerged in the world of NFTs, Blakeshine is focused on redefining how we gather both digitally and IRL. Want to spot Blakeshine at a festival? She’s the one dripping in walkie talkies and fur, with a backpack full of champagne, answering to the call sign “Daddy.”


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