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AAPI Founder Support Circle

Hosted by IFundWomen of Color & Entrepinayship






March 25, 2021 • 5:30PM EST

About this event

At IFundWomen, we do not stand for racism, hate, or intolerance. We’ve built a community of diverse women founders and we know our AAPI community is hurting right now. We see you and we hear you; we’ve always seen open dialogue as a way forward. ⁠Our Founder Support Circles are safe spaces in which to be vulnerable and get support from our community.

Join IFundWomen of Color Creator & GM, Olivia Owens, Yie Foong, LCSW and psychotherapist, and Anna Marie Cruz, Founder of Entrepinayship, as we hold space for AAPI entrepreneurs & their allies.

About Yie Foong

Yie Foong is a Brooklyn-based psychotherapist interested in helping individuals with an array of mental health challenges navigate everyday demands and life transitions. In addition to her private practice, she also facilitates bereavement support groups, provides counseling for organ donor families at LiveOnNY, and is certified in SoulCollage.





About Anna Marie

Anna Marie Cruz is a first gen immigrant and the founder of Entrepinayship, a platform promoting entrepreneurship as a tool for self-determination and economic empowerment for Filipina women in the diaspora. Since 2012, she has held roles in advising, lending, and programming at recognized economic development organizations committed to leveling the playing field for women, entrepreneurs of color, and those from under-resourced communities. Anna Marie is proud to be a member of the IFundWomen of Color community.