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Creating and Managing a Simple P&L Statement

Lindsey Lapin & Nalini Ramesh

Brand Manager & Financial Reporting Manager at Unilever

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Have you been procrastinating on your financial statements afraid to take a look at the financial state of your business? Even as a new startup, its important to understand your business' relationship to money so that you can make key decisions. Your Profit and Loss Statement can tell you a lot on how well your business is actually doing. Not enough emphasis can be given on the power of knowledge in any business. Knowing your numbers will give you the power to change the future. The real value is gaining insight into the actions and decisions that either yielded the profits or ended in losses. You don't need to be a financial expert to get started! Join IFundWomen and Unilever's Lindsey Lapin and Nalini Ramesh for this insightful instruction on putting together a simple P&L statement. You will learn how to identify the key line items for your P&L, how to use your P&L to make savvier business decisions, and how to create projections for the future.