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Your digital voice:

How to create a compelling online brand




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April 20, 2020 • 4PM EST

Why you should take this workshop

In a highly digital world, cultivating a powerful online presence is of utmost importance. If you've been slacking on creating your website and social media page(s), now is the time to get motivated about mastering your digital voice. Whether you've launched your brand or business years ago or are just starting out, learning ways to hone in on branding will engage your clients, drive views to your site(s) and foster the organic conversions you're longing for. Join us and Author/Editor, Influencer, Coach and Founder & CEO of Be A Light Collective, Marisa Donnelly, for this interactive workshop where you will learn how to identify your brand voice, how to stay consistent across different products or sub-brands, and how to use the power of your brand to increase your business visibility.


  • 45 minutes of expert-led instruction from Marisa Donelly, 15 minutes of Q&A and brand advice specific to your business

  • A PDF guide on honing in on your brand voice

  • Access the live replay in the iFundWomen Workshop Library

What you will learn

  • How to find your brand voice & create unique brand elements (from colors to copy)

  • How to use your brand to acquire customers and drive sales

  • How to increase business visibility through quality branding and marketing

Course Lessons

The First Step: Honing In on Your Voice

Learn how to translate your spoken conversations into virtual/in-person interactions with their customers, audience, or clients.

Building your brand from the bottom up

Learn what elements make up a unique brand – from the basics like voice and color scheme to the advanced like consistency in copy. 

Strengthening your vision: Brand Authenticity

Explore what authenticity means in business and how to be transparent and real (as opposed to sales-focused) in your conversations and posts. 


Growth Mindset: Using My Brand to Drive Sales

Learn how to streamline your branding process to build the customer base of your dreams. Also get tips on how to manage your brand, stay consistent, and drive engagement and sales organically.


The Final step: Brand Consistency & Development

Now that you've developed a strong brand, learn ways to increase your business visibility through quality branding and marketing.

About the coach

Marisa Donnelly is a prolific and engaging writer, editor, teacher, writing coach, and influencer based in the San Diego area. She has published thousands of articles accumulating over 21.2+ million page views and has bylines in Huffington Post, Bustle, BossBabe, Thought Catalog, and more. 

Marisa specializes in creating SEO-friendly, compelling and conversational copy, and has over ten years in the industry writing and editing for clients, businesses, and brands worldwide.

She is the author of the poetry collection, 'Somewhere On A Highway,' and the founder of Be A Light Collective, a virtual and Southern California based company with a mission of providing relationship-focused writing/editing services.

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