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Visa's She’s Next Irish Grant Programme

Visa is continuing its commitment to support women entrepreneurs around the globe through Visa's She’s Next Irish Grant Programme in partnership with IFundWomen. Through this initiative, five women-owned businesses in Ireland will receive a €5,000 grant and one-year IFW Coaching membership to help fund, run and grow their business. This programme is empowering women small business owners to make their next move. What's your next move?This application is now closed.

Visa’s global programme is back with more funding and resources advancing women-owned small businesses around the world.

Through this initiative, five women-owned businesses in Ireland will receive a €5,000 grant and one-year IFW Coaching membership to help drive the growth of their businesses and impact on their local communities. 

Programme Criteria

• The entrant is a legal resident of Ireland; and must be a resident within the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland
• The entrant’s business must be at least 51% women-owned and operate their business in Ireland 
• The entrant’s business must have a minimum annual revenue of €10K or more
• The entrant’s business must have been operating for at least one (1) year
• The entrant must have a legitimate and compelling digital presence such as a website, online ordering function or platform, social media presence or can accept digital payments

Check out the Official Rules for Visa's She’s Next Irish Grant Programme.  

6 Quick grant tips from the IFundWomen Coaches

  1.  The way you tell your story matters!  Your pitch should articulate the problem you’re solving, the solution your business provides, and why you are uniquely qualified to create your solution.  Ensure your pitch is clear, concise, and powerful.
  2. Whenever possible throughout your application, make sure to include how your business will use the money.
  3. Utilise the Grant Planner in our IFundWomen Method Playbook! This is a free resource to support you through your grant writing process. 
  4. Read through all of the Official Rules before applying to a grant. It’s super important to make sure you understand what you are applying for, and to ensure you fit the qualifications for each grant. 
  5. Get support - We offer private coaching sessions on how to fill out grant applications! Go ahead and sign up for our Monthly plan here. Then, be sure to book your private “Grant Writing Basics” session with an expert IFundWomen coach. 
  6. Watch our Grant Writing workshops! Go ahead and explore your IFundWomen Workshop Library (available with any coaching plan) to view our Grant Writing workshops. The most successful grant applications are the most prepared.


Visa is making an impact

Meet the women-owned businesses from around the world who have been selected by Visa to receive monetary grants & coaching memberships. These founders demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurship stories, problems their products or services are solving, and potential for growth. Now you can show your support for their small businesses and contribute even more funding to their campaigns!

Amy Hall

Goldilocks Wraps makes an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap that is all-natural, reusable, compostable and beautifully designed. They can be used to store fruits and vegetables, preserve cheeses, cover leftovers or take snacks on the go. So far they have saved over 10 million square feet of plastic wrap from entering our waterways and landfills.

Natasha Sheppard & Rowan McAnoy

Curlshoppe's mission is to cater to all things CURLY by providing quality, affordable curly hair products and educating others on how to take care of their curly hair. Every curl is unique and deserves to be treated as such with products and curly hair tips curated specifically with those unique curls in mind. They believe that no curl type should be ignored or underprioritized. 

Amanda Wilson

VOXAPOD is a period care brand fighting the gender gap, reducing waste, and building stronger communities. To date, we have helped 200+ girls stay in school with confidence, eliminated the cost burden of single-use products for thousands of women, and reduced the waste of 4 million+ non-biodegradable disposables.

Priyanka Bayaka

Renewlogy has the technology to break down plastics into its basic molecular form, where it can then be reused for other products or as fuel. Their goal is to deploy their technology in recycling facilities across the country.

Richmond, BC

Amoda Drinkable Wellness

Delicious matcha adaptogen blends, superfood lattes, and herbal teas to elevate your daily routines and your body, mind and mood.

63% Funded
0Days Left
Oakville, ON


Organic, freshly brewed, all natural, hibiscus tea, and other authentic Middle Eastern drinks. Supporting small farmers in Egypt.

100% Funded
307Days Left
Toronto, ON

Brave Soles: Además

Our handcrafted shoes have upcycled tire soles and reclaimed leather. Made with love for people and planet.

16% Funded
26Days Left
Toronto, ON

EarthPup Co.

Tackling the food waste problem by turning nutrient-dense food destined for landfills into healthy dog treats.
Planet. Pups. People.

100% Funded
34Days Left
Social Good
Saskatoon, SK

The Local Kitchen

SPONSOR A CAMPER: Help cover the registration fee for up to 10 kids from low-income families to attend a TLK summer cooking camp

69% Funded
0Days Left
Business Services
Health + Science
Social Good


Visa is advancing women-owned small businesses around the world



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Check out the Official Rules for Visa's She’s Next Irish Grant Programme.