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Jordan Bradley

Alpha Art Company


Alpha Art Company is a Sole Proprietorship. It was started by Taylor Griffith in 2011 specializing in graphic signage and vehicle wraps. As of now, the customer return rate on applicable jobs is fairly decent. Monthly revenue is going to be around 7,000 US Dollars. I would like to boost this by 20% in one to two years time.

After purchasing, the plan is to broaden and expand the already thriving business. Ultimately, I would like to expand the company into younger and more current spaces. Bring in fresh customers, whilst not neglecting the old. Also, quite possibly expanding closer to the Atlanta or Athens area within a few years

Products and Services

Alpha Art Company specializes in vehicle wraps, architectural signage, and commercial decals. Using graphic design; we create clean, modern representation for many small and commercial businesses. 

Current Marketing Process

As of now, Alpha mainly uses facebook and word of mouth to market to new customers. We do currently have a running website that lists all of our products and explains pricing. We also have some signage at local racetracks and sponsored a few race wraps. I would like to improve our current marketing process by branching out to other social media and getting more traffic to our website.

Operations and Management

All vehicle wraps are done on site and the customer is usually responsible for drop-off and pick-up. Signs, banners, stickers, etc. can be shipped but the customer is responsible for shipping costs over twenty-five US dollars. Materials needed include ink, vinyl, and/or sign board. A roll of vinyl can cost from 120 to 1,300 (depending on type and quality) US dollars but lasts for many jobs. Can be run by a single owner. I plan to hire at least one employee.

Short Term Goals

  • Improve customer retention.

While there are many returning customers that are highly valued, I think it would be good to reach out to companies that need mass orders of easily turned over signage and stickers. These types of jobs are the easiest way to pull revenue because of the little overhead.

  • Create more content and use social media to dive into other markets.

The current customer base is mostly small business owners, circle track racers, official county workers, and a bit of commercial work. My proposal is to really dive into pop culture and market towards the younger generation. I think there is lots of money to be made in the graphics industry.



Alpha Art Company has been my place of employment for four years total and the current owner is a personal friend. This will enable me with enough knowledge in the field to hit the ground running and give me a strong advisor whilst going through the change in ownership. I do believe this gives me enough confidence to expect a 20 percent raise in monthly turnover. I am asking for one hundred, twenty thousand US dollars. This amount will include the initial buying of the business, all equipment needed, and overhead costs for six months. Thank you for your time.



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