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The Woman-led Blockchain & Web3 Education Platform

The Wright Success makes learning about Crypto,
Blockchain and Web3 easy by providing simple educational courses, resources and workshops.

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Project Description


  • What is the mission of your company or project?
    Our mission is to make learning about the overwhelming space of Crypto & Blockchain simple and easy. We want to educate 50,000 people through our courses and programs to help prepare people for the digital era while creating an inclusive space.
  • The Problem
    Learning about Crypto & Blockchain can be overwhelming, intimidating and risky as there is so much information about this technology, the information available is not clear, simple and relatable, there is an increasing amount of crypto scams and "Crypto educators" on social media and there is a lack of diversity in the industry which makes it unwelcoming. This industry is a male-dominated sector with room to grow when it comes to diversity amoug several demographics. As a Black female founder in this industry, I focus on not only creating high qualit content that solves these problems, but also create a safe space for communities of diverse background to participate and learn.
  • The opportunity
    There is an opportunity to create products and services that solves these problems and help people prepare for these new technologies that will become an everyday norm in the future. The largest tech companies, billionaires and influencers are all getting involved in this space as they understand that technology tends to disrupt industries. 
Crypto Strategy Academy
  • Our products and solutions
    We've launched the 7-Week Coaching program "The Crypto Strategy Academy" which provides a personal and structured learning experience for those that want an introduction to each area in the industry. We've also written 2 interactive workbooks (one for adults and one for youth ages 15-20). All our products are simple, direct, and credible and are tied to a relatable and genuine brand that people want to learn from 
  • Funding and expansion
    I am seeking funding to help the company scale, reach our full potential and build on the success we've had thus far. The first year upon launching our Crypto Strategy Academy in Jan 2021, we made 70,000 in revenue with basic marketing strategies, while working a full-time job and self-funding.

    I would use the funding to invest in our online marketing, products and activations so we can gain more exposure for our business and brand. This includes allocating some of the funds towards revamping our lead funnel system, working with a digital marketing expert to help us with Facebook and Instagram ads including our ad spend, and covering some of the expenses for our upcoming live in-person event so we gain further exposure for our amazing programs, products, and brand and increase revenue. 
  • Team
    I currently do not have any employees, however, the goal is to hire an admin and community lead.


I apppreciate you reading my pitch and for your contribution. Thank you for supporting my black-owned, women-led business!


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