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Share personal items with loved ones and the stories and history that accompany them. Pass on your legacy, don't just leave it behind.

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Project Description


We spend our entire lives accumulating things.

Jewelry, clothes, music and art. Toys, electronics, sports equipment and cars.Furnishings that turn houses into homes.Tchotchkes and collectibles that our significant others loathe.

Our homes become a grand collection of experiences, memories and expressions of who we are. Many of us don’t take the time to think about where our personal belongings end up once we’re gone. In the end, most of us leave it to someone else to deal with. Which leaves many challenges to the loved ones we leave behind.


will-it was inspired by real-life experience. Seeing my family struggle to distribute personal items when my grandparents passed away. Items that were low in monetary value, but high in sentimental value were hard to fairly split.

This lead us to research where we found our family wasn’t alone. Each year there are 2.6 million people who serve as an Executor or Personal Representative a departed loved one’s estate. It’s such a huge burden to place upon the people most dear to us – especially while mourning a loss. The role requires a significant time commitment, management of the individual’s final financial & legal affairs, and mediating family disagreements. More than half of these disagreements are over personal belongings, most of which are never resolved or end up in court.

We believe our technology can open a dialogue that’s usually difficult to start – and typically avoided – due to the delicate nature of its subject matter. Just a little bit of planning can alleviate stress, circumvent misunderstandings and help families come together during a time of grief.

We also believe we can change the way people think about – and create their wills to make the entire experience more meaningful.


will-it helps families catalog personal belongings along with the stories and history that accompany them. Heirs are invited to collaborate, discuss and request the things they want; Minimizing disagreements through early dialogue.

will-it then outputs an Estate Summary which consolidate all of the information and how you’d like them distributed. This summary can be added as a legally binding addendum to your will by your legal professional.

The process itself is highly personal and very collaborative. Documenting your personal and sentimental items gives our users a way to share the things that are important to them and pass along stories and family history that are typically lost to future generations. will-it is the first product to bridge the gap between legacy planning and the will. Making it an experience that pays homage to our lives and all the things and people who were important to us.



Our management team has over 70 years of combined experience covering Business, Technology, Marketing, Creative and Finance. Additional staff brings development, strategy and UI/UX support.

We have top-notch advisors who bring Elder Law and Estate Planning, Senior Advocacy, Business dev and Engineering expertise. And our Friends & Family investors are all colleagues who I have worked closely with over the years who know my work ethic and believe in and support our vision for will-it. They each bring 20 years of Technology, Creative and Marketing strategy support to the team.



We have raised $45k to date from our current Friends & Family investors and currently seeking 15k to help with development costs. Immediate investments will going to be used to make changes to our MVP so we can launch our product publicly and begin taking paying customers. If we meet a stretch goal, any additional funds will be used for launching and marketing the product.


Want to support us without making us ship you some tchotchkes? This reward is for you.I promise you will be rewarded with our endless gratitude and positive karma!

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This mug is a great conversation starter. A simple design that leaves a space to write in it’s rightful heir on the bottom. Mug base reads: “When I die, I leave this mug to _______________”. Final mug design may vary slightly from photo.
This custom Family Tree Poster has plenty of space to record family history – creating a priceless family treasure for generations to come. Frame not included. Poster shown may vary slightly from final design.
Perfect attire for family gatherings. A will-it branded T-shirt that reads: ‘Be nice to me or I’ll write you out of my will-it.’
1 will-it account good for 5 years
A will-it branded hoodie that says ‘When I die, all you’re getting is this secondhand hoodie’. We recommend wearing it over the ‘Don’t Get Disowned Tee” for for those moments when you might want to reinforce your message.
This personalized leather scrapbook magically transforms into a priceless family treasure – just add photos, newspaper articles or recipes. Cover will be printed with the name or saying of your choice.
Sticker Pack, Pass It On Mug, Don’t Get Disowned Tee, 5 Year will-it Early Adopter account, Tell It Like It Is Hoodie
All of the above rewards: Sticker Pack, Generations Family Tree Poster, Pass It On Mug, Don’t Get Disowned Tee, 5 Year will-it Early Adopter account, Tell It Like It Is Hoodie and the Personalized Keepsake Binder
You will be added to my own personal will-it plan as a recipient in my will. I will choose a very special sentimental item that will be left to you upon my demise! Yes, for real, it means I’m putting you in my will. I can’t think of a more personal way to say thank you.