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White Raven

Empowering Through Sustainability, Wellness, Embodiment & Community.

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Project Description

Title: White Raven: Empowering Through Wellness and Embodiment - Support Our Crowdfunding Campaign!

Introduction: Welcome to our crowdfunding campaign for White Raven, a transformative project empowering the artisan, spiritual, and wellness communities. Join us in creating an inclusive space where well-being, artistic expression, and diversity thrive. With your support, we'll establish a nurturing environment that celebrates individuality, fosters empowerment, and uplifts local artisans, spiritual, and wellness practitioners and those seeking community. 🌿🕊️ #WhiteRaven #Empowerment #WellnessCommunity

Campaign Goal: Help us raise $30,000 to acquire a second-hand boutique with a lower level, creating White Raven. It will house an artisan-style gift and second-hand shop on the main floor and an expanded Moon Guidance Embodiment yoga and embodiment studio below. Funds will cover acquisition, remodeling, inventory upgrades, and creating an inspiring atmosphere. Your contribution plays a crucial role in supporting community growth and empowerment. 🌟🙏 #Crowdfunding #CommunitySupport #Empowerment

About Our Inclusive Grassroots Yoga and Embodiment Studio: Moon Guidance Embodiment, our grassroots studio, offers a safe and inclusive space for exploring practices promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being. With yoga, embodiment/somatic practices, reiki, breathwork, sound healing, and community circle events, we foster self-discovery and personal growth. As a queer women-led initiative, we continue to aim to create a safe space where all individuals are seen, heard, and celebrated. 🌈💜 #MoonGuidanceEmbodiment #Inclusivity #WellBeing

Our Vision for White Raven includes:

Local Artisan-Style Shop: The main floor showcases our handcrafted items and locally sourced products. We will also curate a unique collection from local makers, supporting local small business growth. By celebrating diverse artistry, we foster connection and appreciation within our community. Offering second-hand clothing and goods also helps to keep us sustainable and economically sustainable. 🛍️🎨 #LocalArtisans #SupportSmallBusiness #Sustainability

Expanded Yoga and Embodiment Studio: Moon Guidance Embodiment new home. The lower level becomes a dedicated space for our inclusive grassroots yoga and embodiment studio. We will move the studio from its current location to the new location upon purchase. We'll offer a wider range of classes, workshops, and healing practices, creating a supportive and empowering environment for self-love and authenticity. 🧘‍♀️💫 #YogaStudioExpansion #InclusiveSpace #HolisticWellbeing

Remodeling and Refreshing: We'll remodel the lower level to ensure an inviting and inclusive atmosphere, aligning with our vision. And rework some of the current inventory along with purchasing "new to us" merchandise. 🏢✨ #RemodelingProject #InclusiveAtmosphere #CommunityVibe

Why We Need Your Support. Your contribution makes a significant impact. Expanding Our Offerings: With your contributions, we'll expand our studio, offering more classes, workshops, and healing practices. This creates a safe and inclusive space for exploring holistic well-being, finding support, and connecting with like-minded individuals. 🌈🌿 #SupportOurStudio #InclusivityMatters #WellnessSupport

Your support, regardless of the amount, will have a profound impact on creating a safe, empowering, and inclusive space. Together, let's build White Raven and expand Moon Guidance Embodiment to make a difference in the lives of those seeking well-being, artistic expression, and a sense of belonging through community. Join us on this transformative journey and be a part of something truly extraordinary. 🙌❤️ #SupportOurMission #TransformativeJourney #CommunityEmpowerment


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the store I am looking to purchase? Store I am purchasing is currently called Gypsy Traders GR.
  • Why am I not keeping the current name? I do not identify as a Gypsy. I am not of Romanian decent and nor were my ancestors, I will respect their culture and lifestyle.
  • Why White Raven? The white raven is a rare bird. Spiritually it signifies balance. 
  • Am I buying the building or just name and goods? Just name and good. I will be signing a 2 year lease. The dentist office nest door is the landlord.
  • Will I be keeping my yoga business out of my other location? I will still have the space available for clients in the South side of town but plan to do majority of the work out of the main studio space and store.
  • Will I be keeping the store the same? Not fully. I plan to update the inventory and rearrange. I am looking to bring in more spiritual items such as herbs, crystals, incense, other types of gifts and local made goods, in addition to the current stock.
Lynelle VanHill
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Just Because I Care

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