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The Wheels for Heels Foundation

The Wheels for Heels Foundation strive to fund reliable transportation for working class families.We are the key to receiving your new keys!

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Project Description

 The Mission for The Wheels for Heels Foundation is to alleviate the financial burden of purchasing reliable transportation for families in need. Many working class families struggle to maintain car payments. Reliable transportation secures the family's income, social life/support, and provides access for children to participate in after school programs and sports.  As a non-profit organization, we can focus on providing adequate transportation for families and thus stimulate the economy by bridging the gap. We will also provide Defensive Driving Courses to each grantee, provide additional community resources, and provide a 12-month full coverage policy covered by our organization. This provides a financial relief to the family in a full secure manner.  Funding will be used to continue to market and build support for our organization. The founders have donated their first vehicle from their own assets to a family in need. Additional funds will be used to secure the next vehicle to provide to a grantee. Founder, Gabrielle Osborne has the full support of her co-founder, Christian Osborne, and Marketing Expert, Gelicia Washington. Gabrielle Osborne is a licensed Insurance Producer, who does full financial planning for retirees. Providing options for whole life, term life, annuities, securities, and even Medicare policies.  Her co-founder and spouse, Christian Osborne, donated their first vehicle in November 2021. Upon doing so, the family they assisted were able to double their income and relocate to their new home. The goal is to continue this same initiative in the lives of other families in need. The Marketing Expert, Gelicia Washington, currently provides advising for two Non-Profit Organizations, Persevere and Banyan Labs, owned by Vant4ge.  She has dedicated her time and efforts in now building The Wheels for Heels Foundation, because she believes in the impact it can have. As a team, they are working to build support and funding to continue to support local families. We greatly appreciate your effort and support in assisting in building our organization. It is a mission we believe in and all support is greatly appreciated! We will continue to do the work! Thank you!  


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Wheels for Heels do?

We donate reliable vehicles to families in need to increase financial stability and provide better access to community resources, after school learning programs, sports and activities for children.

Who do we help?

We help working class families, single parent and two-parent homes in need.

How can we support?

Additional support can be provided by assisting in gathering funding and social media support. Follow our social media pages on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

How can we apply for assistance?

Apply by emailing us at [email protected]



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