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WealthyU is a financial wellness platform that will transform how you save, spend and invest.

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Project Description

New Rules of Wealth App Update 2We are in a new financial normal that is disrupting old models of achieving financial security. The days of a career for life with a pension to sustain us in retirement are gone. What worked in the past to achieve financial security does not apply to the present or future. Financial acumen is the currency needed to level the playing field to achieve parity and economic power. The WealthyU App and social wealth building platform meets you where you are and provides accountability, support, and flexibility in real time. You will no longer feel the shame of not knowing how to invest and can finally make your financial future a priority.

I’m Deborah Owens, America’s Wealth Coach, a former financial executive, and author of three critically acclaimed books.
docropI am on a mission to close the wealth gap. I spent more than a decade in the financial services and left it to establish my own company to address the investment knowledge and confidence gap. As a financial expert, author and former financial executive, I would hate it when I referred people to financial advisors, and they either wouldn’t keep the appointment, or they would call me and say they felt they were being talked down to. They simply didn’t trust that advisors had their best interest at heart.  I created wealth coaching to address these concerns.
I want to teach people how to take ownership of their financial success and gain the financial savvy needed to navigate and make economic decisions with confidence.

Since leaving the industry and establishing WealthyU, we have a proven track record of helping hundreds of people overcome their financial fears, increase their financial acumen and learn how to build wealth. I believe the cause of the wealth gap is knowledge and confidence.  The WealthyU App and financial wellness platform will provide the accountability, support, and knowledge needed to own your financial future. Also, users of the app will gain access to our wealth coaching curriculum, group coaching sessions, and the WealthyU Community. The WealthyU App helps users focus on the figures that count.
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WHAT IS WEALTHYU?  We create financial wellness tools, training and wealth coaching programs on multi-media platforms for individuals and organizations. Through our research and published works, we identified seven critical success factors that we coined, the seven wealthy habits™  The seven wealthy habits framework is the methodology that we use in our financial wellness training programs with companies and individuals.  We created wealth coaching to specifically close the knowledge and investment confidence gap that is not being addressed by the financial services industry. The WealthyU App and Financial Wellness Platform will allow us to scale and make a greater impact.
  We are on a mission to close the investment knowledge and confidence gap and I want you to join us on this journey. We are raising money to develop a fully operational beta of the WealthyU app and financial wellness platform. I believe that IFundwomen is in complete alignment with our mission to close the wealth gap. THANK YOU!