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Accomplishments since the campaign launch! 2020 to 2022

Though surviving the covid era AND cholera outbreak in our community seems like enough in itself, there are so many other things we’re proud to have accomplished in this time!

  • Built the first bridge on Chitende road in 2020! Improving road access has allowed a borehole to be constructed at the school. This is the first ever improved water source in our entire community. Also, another non-profit organization is building a health clinic in our area now that the road is more accessible.
  • Launched a school feeding program that serves lunch every school day to 430+ primary school students!
  • Employed a team of 8 to 13 people with monthly jobs for almost 2 full years! Considering how debilitated the Malawian economy is now, this is something we take great pride in.
  • Built a thriving permaculture garden out of the rocky, baren hillside, as well as constructed a garden shed.
  • Built a beautiful, breezy dormitory at the top of the hill overlooking Lake Malawi!
  • Constructed a unique, show-stopping compost toilet using recycled glass bottles for decorative flair!
  • Built a simple but eco-friendly camping platform with the best views of the crystal-clear blue waters of the cove!
  • Almost finished construction on our small but effective kitchen, which just so happens to accidentally be pink! We’ve also built in an earthen oven that we will start baking with soon!
  • Won our first ever grant for a solar water project, which is still under construction!
  • Almost finished MANUALLY digging a 10 meter (plus) well, through the rocky subsoil. This well will provide clean water to the lodge and the surrounding community!
  • Improved and constructed new paths around the lodge property.
  • Started construction on a new storage building as well as some really unique indoor/outdoor showers!
  • Mastered lime masonry and plastering – so much so that we are hosting trainings to other local builders, as well as giving many informative tours to local community members on eco-building techniques.
  • Hosted over 50 campers at our camp site, despite not even being open yet.
  • Worked hard to grow our social media presence, which is still a work in progress!
  • Become part of several global networks/partnerships including Socialbnb, PLC Network, Planeterra and Global Giving.

And those are just the things that were deemed cool enough to make the list 😊