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Woohoo! We Did It! FUNDED ON IFW

Hiya! So the Mystic Mondays App was officially funded on IFW just last week and I cannot express the immense gratitude for all 455 of you for helping to bring the next iteration of the app to life!

Thanks so much! The daily draw lives to see another day :)

Here's some updates:

1. Shipments will be going out this week! If you have not submitted your google form to choose your options (if you had options) do that as soon as you can! The sooner I get your info, the sooner I can pack it, and the sooner you get your reward :)

2. Learn Tarot 101 Workshop was this Saturday and it was really great connecting with you and bonding over our shared love of tarot! For those of you who attended live, you brought the energy of curiosity and openness that created a safe space for others like you to really understand tarot on a deeper level. So thank you! And for those that did not attend live, replay is available for up to one week - the link was emailed out yesterday (Sunday).

If you're interested in the upcoming tarot course, sign up here.

If you survived all the emails (bc there was a lot of emails) you are a serious trooper! And a Mystic Mondays diehard. I salute you! 

This is probably the last update on IFW. If you want to reach out directly, email [email protected] or DM on Instagram.

Stay magical!