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We've hit 104 backers!

We are well on our way!

Thanks to you, the Mystic Mondays App has raised $4,464 from 104 backers - but we need to boost this way more if we're to meet our $25,000 goal!

That's where we still need your help!


We are introducing this 5 day challenge for backers, with exclusive prizes, of course! *This challenge starts TODAY and ends Thursday, March 18th at midnight ET.

Here's what you've gotta do:

1. Text 10 people that you know who would donate to the Mystic Mondays App on iFundWomen:

And best of all? All your friends that pledge will also receive the bonus sticker pack when they pledge within the next 5 days!

Need help crafting a text? Here ya go!

"Hey NAME! Have you downloaded the Mystic Mondays App yet? It's been a really great way to use tarot + crystal card draws to connect to my intuition on a daily basis, and I think you'd like it too! Also, check out their crowdfunding campaign on IFundWomen! There's some pretty cool rewards when you pledge, and if you pledge today (minimum of $33), you'll get a bonus zodiac sign sticker pack! 🤩"

Feel free to send them this image of the sticker pack here.

*Texts and contacts will be verified - send your text screenshots to [email protected] along with the name and email of your friend that backed the campaign!

Appreciate you! Let's do this 💫

💖 Grace