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$15K in 5 Days! 💪👖❤️

Superhero Supporters of SheFly, 

We cannot believe we reached our $15K campaign goal in just 5 days, and then surpassed it by another $2K! 🎉 We are SO grateful for your support, whether you are one of the 170 people who have backed us, one of the 6.7K people who have shared our campaign, or one of the countless people who have just enjoyed our video so far. We're well on our way to more zippers in better places. 🤗

But we're not done just yet. In fact, we're just getting started. 👩🏽‍💻Your support has made us realize that with almost a month left remaining in this campaign, it's time to stretch that goal -- you've inspired us to shoot for $25K by April 14th. 💥With your continued support in raising $25K, we'll be able to offer short and tall options for all SheFly hiking pant orders in our whole size range, which is 00-20! 👖That means more inclusivity, more accessibility, and more comfort when answering nature's call. 🙌🏼 We'll also be able to further development of our Long Jane long underwear (+ underwear!), which we'd love to launch this fall. 

Let the Pant Revolution continue -- support, share, and SheFly away! 🤸🏽‍♂️

Georgia Grace, Charlotte, Bianca + the rest of the SheFly Team