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111% Funded and a Fantastic First Salon

Women in cybersecurity and allies.

Funding a crowdfunding campaign that supports a woman-owned social enterprise for women in cybersecurity.

Receiving books donated by women cybersecurity authors as gifts for their contributions.

In a space furnished by local woman-owned businesses.

At a conference for women in cybersecurity.

This is how we do it.

The past three days at SquadCon in Las Vegas have been nothing short of invigorating and inspiring.

Local vendors FWR and Picture Perfect Party Decor were both on-point with providing the furniture and decor, and Crazy Neon delivered with the Virginia Woolf quote sign.

While I can't attach any photos to these IFundWomen campaign updates, here's a few links of posts over on LinkedIn featuring photos and video from the event:

First Setup

Video Walkthrough

A Visit from CISA Director Jen Easterly

Salon Guests and Their Book Selection

These posts have a collective count of 17K+ impressions and climbing. The follower count on my personal LinkedIn page has grown 250+ in the past 4 days.

Four new women have joined Hacker in Heels Insiders in the past week, and I expect many more will arrive in the week that follows as everyone returns home from Hacker Summer Camp.

By all accounts, the Salon achieved the objective—more visibility for Hacker in Heels by providing an inviting space for intimate conversations and authentic connection.

Just because SquadCon is over doesn't mean we're done here though!

There are 8 days left in the crowdfunding campaign. Though it's 111% funded, we're still $200 short for the stretch goal to cover the overage on the neon sign cost.

I received a generous stack of Security Chaos Engineering books by Kelly Shortridge and Aaron Rinehart from the O'Reilly Media team. While they aren't signed, they are valuable (and thick!) books FULL of so much information. They retail for $45 from Amazon—and for just $5 more you can get one through the crowdfunding campaign and support our mission.

Over the next week I'll be reaching out to contributors to confirming shipping addresses and begin sending books and other rewards. 

Some of you may have received your stickers by now if you contributed $20—yay! If not, it's probably because I didn't have your shipping address in the funder report... don't worry, we'll fix that soon!

Social media shoutouts and job guide, hold tight. Now that the salon itself is behind us, I should also be able to get these rolling out in the next week.

Whew. WE DID IT!