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50% to Goal!

I had this gut feeling that if we could get the campaign to 50% funded by the end of the week, 100% will be within reach when I'm on-site next week at The Diana Initiative and SquadCon.


22 funders with $2,310 contributed so far.

That's not including another corporate funder that has signaled commitment for a logo spot ($500). With their contribution, we'll be down to just 3 logo spots left so if you want that reward you best get your $$ in quick.

Most importantly I will only be able to offer that reward up to Tuesday night. On Wednesday, I'll be hunting for a FedEx/Staples/Print shop in the area to print off the sign for the space.

Media Coverage

Yesterday Cybercrime Magazine released a short 15-minute podcast episode where they interviewed me about the Salon. You can listen to that episode here.

Rewards Rewards Rewards

I am prioritizing the corporate funders as I have to collect their info/logos for printing the sign—basically a time-sensitive endeavor. 

Books are also starting to come in from the generous women cybersecurity authors so I'm sorting and beginning reach out to funders who chose the corresponding reward level. 

A batch of stickers is going in the mail tonight.

Starting Sunday I will be in Las Vegas. Follow up emails for contributors and rewards mailing will likely be delayed as I juggle all the things AND still some next-round job interviews next week.

Again, thanks in advance for your patience and understanding as one person running it all while also interviewing for a new job (and y'all know how time consuming those hiring rounds can be).

Please keep sharing and encouraging your colleagues and friends to give what they can.

Let's keep up this fantastic momentum. 

Even just $10 puts us a few more percentage points closer to our goal.