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Monday is Starting Off Expensive

We just paid the 50% deposit for the furniture rental, and 50% for the feature wall the day prior.

Thanks to you all, we're sweating a little less seeing those funds go out because we know we've got the cash coming in from your contributions.

IFundWomen provides disburses contributions immediately to the entrepreneur, however payment processing delays hold up the first batch of money for 5 days, then 24-48 hours thereafter for subsequent.

So we should start seeing them in the Hacker in Heels bank account on August 1st.

Impressively, we've raised enough to cover almost the cost of the furniture deposit that was just made! But we can't stop here. PLEASE keep liking, sharing, and sending in that $$.

Over the weekend I reached out to 50 contacts at companies asking for commitments to display their company logo for $500. There's only six spots—so do the math. AND one of those spots has already been scooped up. 

If you think your company would like to get their name in front of women in cybersecurity in a unique way, this is their shot. And I'm charging WAY less than your typical sponsorship package for events like these: $500 for a logo, $200 for text name.

Books are continuing to roll in for the $50 Reward, and to have on hand in the Salon. If you want a signed copy from a fantastic, talented, inspiring female cybersecurity author—don't miss your chance. We're only offering one signed copy per title.

All the social media shoutouts will be scheduled into our August content—which I'm working on at this very minute! Stickers will also start going out in the mail by end-of-week.

Remember, Hacker in Heels is a one-woman show. Your support (and patience!) is greatly appreciated while try to pull off this BIG THING for the women in cybersecurity community.