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End of the First Week!

It's Friday. I can't believe this campaign launched on Monday and we're already just about at the 10% funded mark.

The response on social media has been incredible.

Next week Cybercrime Magazine will be releasing a podcast episode featuring the Salon and this effort.

We'd love more media coverage, so if you have connections please reach out and/or feel free to make intros on Linkedin.

For those of you who have contributed, you'll get an email today with next steps to make sure you get your reward. 

This weekend I am doing all of the pre-planned social media content for August—a big endeavor as previously we had a Social Media Manager for the first six months since our rebrand. As I work on this, I'll be creating the post template for the Social Media Shoutouts.

I'll also be messaging and compiling a list of all the women in cybersecurity authors who have offered to provide books and sending them their next steps email as well.

Just a reminder that Hacker in Heels is a one-woman show. I greatly appreciate your support and patience as I work diligently to bring this vision to life AND interview for a new full-time job—I've got six calls with six different prospective employers next week.

Thanks again for being an awesome community.

— Stacey