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Student and Alumni Benefits now live

Hey all, we're at the 2 month mark for Cyndi and I owning the school and we wanted to get you a recap on the new things we've set up:

  1. Searchable Alumni Locator Database on the IPSB website - we want to make our graduates easy to locate for the people all over the world looking to work with them. If you're not on there yet and you're alumni, email sabrina at [email protected]
  2. Groups on our site - we're moving away from listing our alumni resources in our Facebook alumni group and hosting our various resource groups on our website directly. You can find tables for sale, resource recommendations, and catch up with other alumni there. It's listed under Alumni Resources on
  3. Searchable Job Postings - this app integration has been a little glitchy so we're working on it still but it's getting there. The link is listed under the current students tab/jobs
  4. IPSB Branded Boutique - we launched the IPSB boutique where you can get IPSB gear
  5. Certified as a small business - this seems obvious but you actually have to get certified for this, next step is to be certified woman owned and lesbian owned. 
  6. Hired a dedicated marketing & PR person - this has been sorely lacking for years.

There's a lot going on around here and we'll have more updates soon!!!

Sabrina & Cyndi