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Dine out to support IPSB night at Cantalini's was so much fun!

Updates about our Dine Out to Support IPSB night on Tuesday!!! It was so wonderful to see your faces and share space worth you. The evening was magical. We saw alumni we haven't seen in YEARS!!! There were hugs all around and dining on delicious Italian al fresco by the beach in Playa del Rey. 

We're also thrilled to share one of our favorite restaurants in LA that is owned by long standing IPSB community member Lisa Schwab. We're so pleased that we can extend support to them by the community joining us there. We love you all and are so grateful to Lisa for being willing to help. 

We’ll keep you updated as things are moving forward, we sign agreements for the school ownership transfer tomorrow morning!!!! 

We can’t wait to share space with you all again soon. 

Don’t forget our IFundWomen campaign “Help IPSB Grow” is ongoing and if someone out there wants a classroom and scholarship named after them I’d love to talk with them!