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We're Taking Hold of the baton!

Cyndi and I (Sabrina) have been a part of the IPSB community as teachers, working in various positions for decades now. We stepped away for a bit when Cyndi went through a bout of brain cancer in 2014 and it really crystallized for us that IPSB is our home, the core of our community and the heart of the work we do. We have been so grateful for the loving support so many our our IPSB alumni have shared with us in so many ways through our journey with cancer and we are so excited to have a chance to pay it forward by taking on the role of guiding force for this beautiful thing we call IPSB. 

The ownership change is starting in August and we hope will be final by September 1, 2023. We're launching this campaign early because we found a spectacular building that will be the perfect place for us to land now that we've outgrown our pandemic recovery space that we moved into in 2020. We need to jump on it because it's a perfect space to fit our needs and they're giving us an incredibly competitive offer to move in there ASAP!!!

For those of you who were around back in the early 2000's when we did our painting party in Culver City, if you want to bust out your painting clothes again and join us we'll have pizza and welcome you back with open arms as soon as we get the keys. 

Once we get grounded expect to see community building events again, IPSB unplugged, Movie Nights, and much more in addition to the new offerings of a Massage Clinic (staffed by our IPSB Alumni), Yoga Classes, and Assisted Stretching. We can't wait to share space with you again and to hear about your lives. It's going to be a beautiful evolution!!!