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In-Person Fundraising Event in Chicago!

Dear "My Father, The Queen" Family!

Let me say thank you again for your donations!

They mean so much to me and the cast and crew.

We're still foraging ahead! And now with the SGA-AFTRA strike hopefully coming to an end, we'll be able to make even more headway.

Strategic partnerships have been the blessing this project has been built upon. We've been fortunate to partner with Black Alphabet and the Chicago Health Department. They LOVE our project and are sponsoring an in-person fundraiser on our behalf! (If you want to host an in-person event on our behalf...let me know!)

We're having a meet-and-greet and panel discussion in Chicago on November, 3. It's called, Getting the Music Right: The Role of Gospel Music and the Black Church in "My Father, The Queen."

Kathryn and I will sit on the panel along with Adam McMath of Black Alphabet, Antonio King with the City of Chicago, and Bob Marovich of the Journal of Gospel. This man knows gospel music history like no other person I know. And we're grateful to have him.

Our very own actress in the film and executive producer, Linda Robinson will be our emcee, and Gerald Montgomery from Windy City Gospel Music will be our moderator. 

It's going to be a fabulous night!

Here's the press release for the event.

And here's the link to register (just in case you have family or friends in the Chicago area — invite them to come out!)

Another strategic partnership with Dr. Loren Michaels Harris of TrajectoryTV will allow us to stream the event live! I'll share that info as the date grows near.

I'll be sure to send links to the photos as soon as I get back home.

That's the latest and greatest, everyone!

Many thanks,

Lisa N. Alexander