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My story is their story too

Last Friday night at the Getting The Music Right panel discussion, I was surrounded by BEAUTIFUL Black men—some straight, some gay, some bisexual. They were young, and some were probably old enough to be my father.

As I spoke, I watched them nod in approval and listen intently. And it was at that moment that I clearly understood that my story IS THEIR STORY, too.

My Father, The Queen not only gives voice to the children (queerspawn) of LGBTQ folks but to queer people AND the spouses that married them.

It was such a surreal moment.

We were all in the room together and it was powerful.

And I fought to hold back my tears.

This film is so much bigger than me.

It's opening up much-needed conversations and as we learned Friday night, folks are beginning their healing journeys because of My Father, The Queen.

Listen, I need your help.

This is an indie film project meaning we don't have the financial backing of some big studio behind us.

This film gets made because of generous donations like yours. Thank you!

This film gets made because you talk about it with your network and encourage them to give too.

There is still so much to do before I get to call "ACTION" on our first scene.

And it will take lots of money to get us there.

So, today I'm asking for two things. One if you're able to make another donation, would you consider doing so? And two, please share the film with your network. Maybe you know someone who knows someone who can help us get this film to completion.

My producing partner Kathryn J. Hatam will happily take a meeting!

If you prefer your donation to be anonymous, you can always Zelle your payment to [email protected].

From myself and the My Father, The Queen cast and crew...

Thank you.


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