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Response to Our Latest Radio Interview

Kathryn, Linda, and I had an hour-long chat with Ramon Perry and Dr. B of the According 2 Your Faith Radio Show. You can listen to the show here

One of the viewers sent a text to the show host, who shared it with us. Here's what they had to say:

"I am so glad I came home and watched! This is my story as well — you may or may not have known. My goal has been to tell the experience in a proper perspective. I’ve shared it before but it was from a hurt place. I was telling my children that I understand that their father struggled with his sexuality and faith because there was no safe place to manage them independent of the other or in tandem with the other. I get it! The church community taught us to hide and lie to safeguard our reputation and because there was no quick or easy fix...I’ll stop. As you see I have much to say about this topic. 😅😅 Blessings to you for an amazing show!"

We haven't even started production and people are resonating with our story.

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Lisa N. Alexander and the MFTQ Cast and Crew