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It's a Beautiful Mix of Black and Brown Excellence!

Someone asked why I had seated so many crew members.

They said it would hinder getting funding.

Well first, Prettywork Creative/PrettyWork Studios is a production company. I hire people I know, like, and trust. If anybody is going to help tell this story, it's the people I've worked with over the years. It will be the people who came highly recommended, have impeccable skill and talent, and are people of character.

Cause I don't do foolishness and folly.

I was intentional about my crew and you can read my why here.

After I told the inquiring party that I work with people I know like and trust, they said, "Oh, you just need financing."

Yes, sir.

My crew got this.

And I will continue to cultivate a place where women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ bodies can shine and grow and use their talents to tell stories that matter.

Won't you consider another donation of $20 to not only bring My Father, The Queen to the big screen but also help this gifted group of Black and Brown artisans?