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Meet my friend, Margie

Margie and I met about a decade ago on what was then known as a "Twitter chat." 

We bonded over marketing things and have remained friends to this day. She even wrote the forward to my book, "This Woman Knows!"

Margie is one of the sweetest and most giving people I know. She knits afghans for homeless youth, she's the first to promote a cause and she's becoming a voice for people with dwarfism. She herself has Russell Silver Syndrome. The amount of bullying she receives from adults and children is heartbreaking, still, she's advocating for change through awareness and education. You can follow her advocacy work here

On her last birthday, she set up a GoFundMe for "My Father, The Queen" and raised $241! She even introduced me to one of her favorite Peleton instructors. She thought there would be great synergy but it wasn't to be. She was livid that it didn't work out! 

Still, I was honored that she believed in me and the project enough to set up her own GoFundMe and introduce me to her network.

To get My Father, The Queen into theaters, it's going to take similar acts of kindness. 

My producing partner Kathryn and I are happy to schedule in-person and virtual meet and greets. We're happy to chat with your community and share the importance of this story.

If there's someone you think we should meet...

If you'd like to host a gathering (large or small)...

Just respond to this email or feel free to text me at 832-877-1900.

Again, thank you for all the ways you support, "My Father, The Queen."


Lisa N. Alexander and the MFTQ Cast and Crew