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Goal for the Final Days of Our Campaign

We have 4 Days Left to Reach $27,500! 

Thank you so much to everyone that contributed to this campaign so far! In the final 4 days of our campaign, we are aiming to reach a goal of at least 50% of what we need before our Spring 2023 move-in date and we plan to do another round of crowdfunding in the new year for the remaining costs.

We need just $6,424 to get us to our midway goal! If you know anyone that might be interested in contributing to help support Paradigm Gallery and BYO Print with our moves and renovations – and receive some great rewards at discounted prices in return – now is the time to spread the word!

We're looking forward to a future of having more art viewing, experiencing, and making spaces in Philadelphia, which will result in more opportunities and events for artists both locally and beyond the city.

We are excited to start sending out swag rewards in January! We will be in touch with anyone we need mailing address information from. Our membership program, classes, and workshops will begin in March 2023 and we will be in touch with all of our founding members (thank you!) as soon as your member logins are ready next year for our brand new Paradigm Arts Club membership website.

Thank you all again! We couldn't do this without your support. 

With Gratitude, 
All of us at Paradigm Gallery, BYO Print, and the new Paradigm Arts Building.

P.S. Learn more about all of the businesses and people behind the new Paradigm Arts building here: